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“We all hail from different backgrounds, exist within the confines of our personal realities and possess a wide range of aspirations and dreams. I appreciate and respect that everyone has their own unique story. This understanding inspired me to start the International Center for Optimal Living. Let us help you address your challenges, achieve your goals and find your happy place. Let us help you get closer to optimal living.”

Dionne Frank, MSW, LCSW and Doctoral Candidate, founded the International Center for Optimal Living to serve as a bridge to help individuals journey from where they are to where they want to be. Born and raised in London, England. Dionne brings an international background that contributes to a deeper understanding and sincere appreciation for cross-cultural communication. Through formal education, certified training programs as well as diverse life experience, Dionne offers specialized expertise in the areas of social work, organizational leadership, behavioral health, criminal justice and therapeutic counseling.


The International Center for Optimal Living (ICOLiving) is an independent counseling and consulting practice within the behavioral health and life coaching fields. ICOLiving is a solution-focused practice that provides evidence-based mental health services, life coaching support and behavioral health consulting to individual and institutional clients. Committed to quality care and inclusive access, ICOLiving is a resource to all, including underserved populations.

community workshop series

The International Center for Optimal Living strives to impact the community by offering workshops designed to inform, instruct and inspire.

Everyone has their own unique story!

Student internship program

The International Center for Optimal Living promotes  careers in the counseling profession and offers internship opportunities to qualified students.


ICOLiving partners with education, health care and community-based endeavors in fundraising efforts that make a difference in people's lives.



​At the International Center for Optimal Living we promote personal growth by pioneering and sustaining exceptional, high quality integrated counseling and wellness services in a diverse and ever changing society.   

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Dionne Frank


At the International Center for Optimal Living we appreciate that everyone is unique and we understand that you are the expert in your own life. At ICOLiving we believe our role is to help you to pull solutions from within through a collaborative and therapeutic relationship focused on self-determination that mandates respect for the client's will.  ICOLiving maintains a strong commitment to quality care and inclusive access. 

International Center
        for  Optimal Living
youth mentorship program

Here at ICOLiving we believe that providing meaningful support to young people yields a return on investment that enriches the entire world.

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