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Welcome to the International Center for Optimal Living!

At the International Center for Optimal Living, our goals are to...
  • help individuals who suffer with anxiety and depression manage their symptoms and decrease the stress in their lives
  • help suffering families find healthy ways to manage conflict and deepen their relationships
  • help couples in distress to improve their relationships regardless of whether they are unsure if they want to stay together  


Our blog project is designed to inform and inspire people to overcome obstacles, reach their full potential and discover what optimal living means for them.


Regardless of the challenges you find yourself facing, there exists a path forward if you're willing to open your mind to it. Take a look at the types of support that might be helpful to you.


The International Center for Optimal Living offers a series of Free Parenting Workshops as well as other programs for the community.


The International Center for Optimal Living specializes in life skills coaching, behavioral health consulting and the full spectrum of therapeutic counseling.

"Creating a life that's worth living"

​The truth is, many of us think of seeing a therapist as a last resort oftentimes because we are in denial that we may need some additional support or it just didn’t occur to us to reach out for help because we are so used to dealing with things by ourselves. Maybe we’re caught up in the idea of a negative stigma that may be associated with seeing a therapist. 

Whatever your reasons are for not seeking the help you need, I am here to ask you to empower yourself and give yourself permission to get the help and support you deserve.  Let us help you to get back to a life that you can fully participate in and enjoy. 

Don’t waste time thinking about what others may think and be proactive in giving yourself the support you need. We specialize in helping you manage the stress and conflict in your life so you can find your happy place!

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International Center
        for  Optimal Living

We help individuals and families in distress find healthy ways to manage stress, conflict and deepen their relationships.